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28 December 2011 @ 01:41 am
We're a community of nail polish lovers, sharing pictures and suggestions/tips.

  1. Be polite. Or at the very least, don't be rude.

  2. Social causes and current events are really important but please remember this community is about nail polish. Please don't go overboard or get too preachy. ie. "Everyone should buy this OPI polish because proceeds go to support breast cancer research!" is ok, "Wow you have so much Chanel and Rescue Beauty Lounge, you spent all that money even when people are dying in Africa" is a little over the line.

  3. Yes, we are a bit superficial.

  4. We are not liable if you discover your nail polish budget is eclipsing your food budget

  5. It's fine to have different opinions on certain brands but don't put down another user for buying one brand exclusively. Chanel polish is awesome but so is Wet n' Wild.

  6. Save your trolling in the deep for somewhere else, this comm is for having fun! Nail polish only represents a part of our lives but it is sort of awesome so deal with it.

  7. >**Racism, bigotry, and/or cyberbullying is not tolerated**